Our Philosophy

We specialize in responsible and prudent investing. We believe that:

  • Asset allocation is the appropriate core strategy for longer-term investing. The essence of this strategy is spreading investments over a variety of asset classes in order to reduce the risk of substantial loss and achieve the greatest possible risk adjusted return. Dr. Harry Markowitz and Dr. William Sharpe won the 1990 Nobel Prize in Economics for devising this strategy.
  • Despite our acknowledgement that Asset Allocation is a core strategic investment tool, dogmatically following this model is sometimes imprudent. We do not turn a blind eye to market realities.  At times it is necessary to over-weight and/or under-weight certain asset classes, business sectors and investments.
  • The process of selecting securities includes analysis of macro-economic factors, business fundamentals, and certain market and individual security technical indicators. We note that historically, the best stock analysts devote 100% of their focus to securities in specific market segments and that no analyst or investment company can specialize in all areas of the market. As such, we believe it is imperative to use multiple investment specialists for making security selections in diverse asset classes. This is why we conduct exhaustive searches for the best mutual fund and separate account managers to service our clients.
  • Active management of portfolios is necessary considering current economic realities. The “buy and hold” strategy does not work in this ever-changing, fast-paced global economy. Yesterday’s star investments are many times today’s laggards. On-going monitoring and active management is essential for successful portfolio performance.
  • Using the most advanced investment research and technology available can significantly benefit risk adjusted portfolio performance. Our research and technology are state of the art.
  • Investment results should be measured after expenses and taxes. We consider the management of these costs a priority.
  • Because the future is uncertain, investment portfolios should be liquid and flexible. We prefer investments that can be immediately converted to cash without penalty.