Setting Goals

We believe that clients must set their own goals. It is our responsibility to educate them in the process and to assist them to define, quantify, and prioritize their goals.


It is our responsibility to request and the client’s responsibility to disclose all relevant financial information. Our analysis is sophisticated and thorough. We do not use plug-in-the-numbers off-the-shelf financial planning software that produces cookie-cutter output. We use a variety of sophisticated analytical techniques to evaluate current financial situations and project possible future scenarios. Since the future is unpredictable, our estimates for most retirement and other projections include a range of possible outcomes. All data and assumptions are documented and reviewed with the client.


Our recommendations are derived from a thorough analysis of the client’s goals, current and projected financial situation, time horizon, and risk tolerance. We provide specific recommendation(s) for each financial planning goal. Each recommendation is explained in detail so that clients can make informed decisions about their financial future. Many recommendations include a series of steps that need to be taken over a period of time, so we work with clients over the long-term to help them implement the plan.

We believe in open and frank communications. If our analysis concludes that a client cannot attain the desired goal(s), we will inform them and provide alternatives.


Retirement Planning

  • Retirement plans for individual and business owners
  • Retirement income and expense projections
  • IRA, 401k, 403b, 457 rollovers
  • Retirement plan distribution rules
  • Tax-Efficient distributions strategies
  • Deferred compensation planning

Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

  • Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney
  • Asset Protection strategies
  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Succession planning for business owners
  • Estate tax minimization
  • Charitable bequests
  • Tax-efficient wealth accumulation